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Workaholic Creates The Uber For Meditation Startup In DC [sxsw]

DC Startup Still Going Connects You With Live Meditation Coaches

Her frazzled hair came from running around downtown Austin just ahead of the WEDC Startup Showcase at South By Southwest. When she gets going she can talk a mile a minute, do you remember the micromachine man? One look in her eyes and you can tell she’s micromanaging 100 different tasks in her brain. Does that sound like an executive level manager with a Fortune 100 company? Try 6 Fortune 500 companies.

That’s Eloyce Starr Barbour a spitfire business woman, ready to take on any challenge.  She spoke with me off camera a bit, about a lifestyle after graduating from North Carolina’s A&T. Barbour quickly rose through the ranks in companies like GE, IBM, Fannie Mae, Lockheed Martin and Accenture. As a woman in an upper level capacity at some of the nation’s biggest tech firms she had to be on her game. That meant managing so many different tasks at one time. 20 hour days were common practice. She didn’t want to end up like some of her colleagues and mentors, burnt out and brain dead by 40.

stillgoing-meditation-1 Workaholic Creates The Uber For Meditation Startup In DC  [sxsw]

On the edge, but not quite over it, her doctor told Barbour that she should look into meditation. But she knew, with a Type A executive personality, going to a meditation studio wouldn’t work for her. Self meditating wasn’t enough.

So the DC based executive launched Still Going a DC startup that is changing the way people meditate. The company has developed a mobile app that is like Uber for meditation. While a meditation coach doesn’t come to your home, you get instant access to one of several meditation coaches across the country via two way communication through the app.

Still Going offers the user the ability to have an “on demand” meditation coach, or they can set an appointment that’s good for their schedule. Users can also join a variety of pre-scheduled meditation groups.

Most people who use meditation as a stress relief do so at a certain time and for a certain time on a daily basis. But say you just took a transcontinental flight and then your spent hours fighting customs just to get another delayed flight. Oh and the boss needs a presentation by the end of the day.  Still Going users can grab an on demand coach, unwind, relax, meditate and then, you guessed it, keep going.

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