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Turn Your Visitors Into Customers With Zoho SalesIQ

zoho-salesIQ-top Turn Your Visitors Into Customers With Zoho SalesIQZoho SalesIQ Rolls Online Live Chat, Website Visitor Tracking Software And Analytics Into One Platform

So you’ve launched your startup, put up a great new website and now it’s time to get customers. You could spend hours diving through the pages of Product Hunt or asking friends or family for the tools you need to convert visitors into customers. That’s probably not a good use of your time. You could even comb through this list of 300 startup resources. Or you can check out Zoho SalesIQ.

Zoho is a software development company that focuses on developing easy to use, robust products for small business and enterprise. Through years of working with customers across a wide range of businesses they’ve created a tool that incorporates some of the biggest customer and sales functions in one exciting platform.

Zoho SalesIQ is smart, hassle free livechat software re-imagined for business growth.They’ve added in analytics and visitor tracking so you can make smart decisions and act on visitors when they’re on your webpage. By tracking visitors as they arrive on your website you can see where people naturally go and make changes accordingly. With instant, live chat, you or someone from your customer service team can answer questions right away.

Live chat is one of the most important things you can implement on your website to convert visits to customers. Not only that, but studies have revealed that customers that engage in live chat have a 3.5x higher conversion rate than customers that don’t use live chat. Not only that but customers who live chat are 15% more likely to have a higher average order than those who don’t.

If your business isn’t direct commerce and more in the service realm, live chat is also an integral part of customer service. Consumers today are more accustomed to getting answers and information when they want, on their time and right now. With Zoho SalesIQ they get just that.

Zoho goes beyond that chat and helps you keep analytics and customer details on those who you’ve  chatted with so that you can categorize them more efficiently and follow up with them, faster.

Checkout Zoho SalesIQ here to see how it can change your business.