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Zync Up: Plan and organize a night out with 1 app

If you have ever had to organize a night out or an event with group texts, we may have just come across the perfect solution to your problems. During SxSW, we had a chance to speak with Zync Up founder Aaron Benz, who calls their app, “The Swiss Army Knife For Your Social Life.” It has just about everything you need to plan and keep track of group events.

Zync Zync Up: Plan and organize a night out with 1 app

Zync Up combines nearly every tool you need for a planning an event into one app. The idea behind the app is that it takes multiple apps to plan your night. There is the messaging, figuring out the place, setting the time, going to the place, and finding everyone when you get there. Rather than use a different app for each of these tasks, Zync Up put all of those features into one place.

Brent Wistrom, of AustinInno, did an excellent write-up of the app. Inside, Wistrom provided an excellent breakdown of the functionality of the app:

It lets users set up a meeting spot, invite friends and, 15 minutes before the meeting time, the app shows you where each other are in the city. Zync Up also has an agreement with Lyft that lets Zync Up users one-click to a ride screen that includes their current location and the destination. One more click and your ride is on its way.1

We had a chance to speak with the Zync Up team during SxSW. Check out our interview below:

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