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Dremel Delivers Your Makerspace The Entire 3D Printing Experience

dremel-ideabuilder-top Dremel Delivers Your Makerspace The Entire 3D Printing ExperienceYou’ve Trusted Dremel For Years, Now Trust Them In The Classroom

For 85 years Dremel has been a force in the tool space. Many a crafter, model railroader, tinkerer, designer, handyman, handywoman, pet owner (for parrot nails) and more, have trusted the Dremel rotary tool, better known as just “the Dremel” in their homes.

For Dremel, STEAM, STEM and making have been part of the company’s DNA since it’s inception. Dremel is also known for their world class customer service, but ever since the invention of the internet and internet groups, you can always find a place to talk Dremel tools amongst your peers.

Dremel’s workshop tools and even that rotary tool have been in woodshop and industrial arts classrooms for decades. Lately though, they’re starting to make their ways into the actual classroom with the addition of 3D printers.

The Dremel Idea Builder 3D40 printer is feature packed and designed for the classroom. It’s designed to make 3d printing, easy to do, safe, and easy to understand.

Features include:

  • See thru lid
  • Advanced motion control
  • Enhanced Cooling System
  • Expanded build capacity
  • Innovative extruder with active filament monitoring
  • fully enclosed workspace
  • removable build platform
  • Quik Level guided 2 point leveling
  • On board software
  • Wifi and ethernet capability

Dremel went above and beyond other 3D printers that have been “designed for the classroom”. Every 3D40-EDU printer comes with a USB flash drive pre-loaded with 10 print ready curriculum based model files.

Every Dremel 3D printer for education also includes out of the box curriculum written by subject matter teachers. These hands on lessons dive into how to 3D print different objects with lessons behind them.

“The Dremel 3D Idea Builder is truly a plug n’ play tool that has made it easier to implement. I spend less time training teachers on how to use and more time on how to integrate.
Integrating the Dremel 3D Idea Builder into our K-12 curriculum has increased student engagement, fostered student creativity, and helped student understanding of core subject concepts that are sometimes lost in translation during lecture.” Mark Simmons, Director of Technology at Sabine Schools Independent School District said.

Even with all of these features designed for the classroom, the Idea Builder 3D Printer from Dremel is also made with the same workmanship and craftsmanship that they’ve been known for, for the past 85 years.

Check out the Idea Builder here at 

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