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With Ziro.io Kids Make And Control Robots With Their Hands

ziro-interview-top With Ziro.io Kids Make And Control Robots With Their HandsWith The Ziro.IO Robotics Kit, Kids Create Hand Gesture Controlled Robots, Out Of Anything

A few months ago when our 10 year old edtech reporter, Tatum F, was at her first CES (CES 2018), she got the chance to meet the team behind Ziro.IO. Ziro.IO has been developing the worlds first gesture controlled robotics kits that can be programmed by kids. Not only that but with Ziro.IO’s robotics kits, kids can create robots out of anything they have around the house.

Ziro.IO kits include motors, wheels, the control glove and controllers. With that students/kids can create anything they can imagine out of household supplies, arts and crafts supplies, even those Amazon boxes piling up in the garage.

The Ziro.IO modules are easy to use. The modules animate whatever students have created using continuous rotational or hinge movements.

Ziro.IO robotic creations are controlled and programmed through a smartphone app. Ziro has included easy to follow programming templates and as users advance they can start coding their own programs. They are programming the Ziro modules to interact based on the Ziro gloves movement. Then when it’s time to test and play, users put on the glove to guide the robots to do whatever they want.

The glove is a key element with Ziro. There are a lot of gesture controlled robots available today, but most of them have a handful of gestures that the user performs in the same way every time for the same result. With Ziro, the glove can be programmed to manipulate the robot to do whatever they want it to do. For instance if they want the robot to move forward when the index finger is extended it will do that. On the next project the robot could be programmed to turn around when that same finger is extended.

Students love it because, well students love robots. Teachers love it because it takes robotics and STEM lessons even deeper, making them more immersive with the gesture controlling glove. Parents love it because of the creativity that stems from Ziro.io. Students can create an R2D2 out of plastic trashcans or a lunar rover out of cardboard boxes. There are limitless possibilities.

Check out our video from CES 2018 above and for more information head over to ziro.io