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Tatum Takes A Look At Jooki The Bluetooth Speaker For Kids

Our 10 Year Old EdTech Reporter Loves Jooki, Here’s Why

Jooki is the ultimate Bluetooth speaker and jukebox for kids. It makes listening to music easy and fun and believe it or not it was created by the founders frustration of having to listen to the same nursery rhyme style song over 300 times. If you’re a dad or a mom, you know this feeling.

So what this Belgium startup has done has combined the Bluetooth speaker with the playback source and device and combined them into an all in one, fun colored and easy to use unit. Jooki has also taken the NFC figurine technology found in Nintendo Amobi’s and Skylanders and applied it to figures within the Jooki ecosystem.

tatum-jooki-top Tatum Takes A Look At Jooki The Bluetooth Speaker For Kids

Kids can use these NFC enabled figurines to play different playlists that are saved to their Jooki cloud. This makes for great fun for kids ages 3 and up. Our 10 year old edtech reporter really loved it. She especially loved the figurines that she could quickly pop on and off the top of the speaker, changing the music in the process. That would make for one great game of musical chairs.

Jooki has some other great features baked in like the ability for parents to leave a message on Jooki for their kids using the Jooki website. Jooki also recently announced a partnership with Spotify that will allow kids and their parents to play their approved Spotify playlists through the Jooki system.

Jooki is cool enough for kids ages 10-12 and easy enough to use for kids 3 and up, making it the perfect music playing device for kids of all ages. We’ve seen some Bluetooth speakers designed for younger kids and they just look way too young and cheesy.

Overall Tatum was very impressed with the Jooki and continues to use it every day. You can find out more here at