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D-Link AC 1750 Is Perfect For Your College Bound Graduate

Dads-Grads2017 D-Link AC 1750 Is Perfect For Your College Bound Graduate

Dad’s & Grads 2017: D-Link AC 1750 Is The Perfect Router For Your College Bound Graduate

D-Link-AC1750-top D-Link AC 1750 Is Perfect For Your College Bound Graduate

D-Link has been in the router business since the beginning of the router business. They make routers for just about every installation from the common apartment, to the estate to the office. They even make routers for enterprise.

One of their newest routers, the D-Link AC1750 is absolutely perfect for your college bound graduate. Although it may not say it in all the stuff your kid needs to bring to school, more often than not a router is useful in every dorm room and apartment. It’s 2017 and your son or daughter has more devices than just the laptop. You’re going to want them to use their smartphone and tablet on the wifi, after all you gotta keep your data bill in check.

The D-Link AC1750 is one of the most installation friendly routers we’ve ever tried. It’s virtually plug and play. While your son or daughter was smart enough to get into college they may not be the most technically savvy. The D-Link AC1750 doesn’t require much tech savvy to install.  It also provides extreme wifi coverage so when your kid is running to the bathroom they can stay connected.

Also the AC-1750 is designed for HD media streaming. For those long nights of Netflix and studying (because we know your kid isn’t Netflix and chilling) the AC1750 will deliver and leave plenty of bandwidth for snapchatting on the smart phone and studying in another browser window.

All of the normal router administrator options are simplified in a dashboard that even my grandparents would understand. That will make it easier for your college bound graduate to set up a guest network, change the password and block their friends from taking up too much bandwidth.

The AC1750 features dual band technology which means that your student can use 2.4ghz band for studying and research and the 5ghz band for playing Xbox all night, we mean streaming Netflix.  There’s less interference and congestion with a dual band router.

We were even able to test the AC-1750 in an environment with lots of other routers competing and it performed flawlessly delivering high speeds to over 8 devices simultaneously.

You can pick up the D-Link AC1750 here: