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PopSockets Introduces Vent Mount

popsockets-ventmount-top PopSockets Introduces Vent MountPopular Smartphone Accessory Company PopSockets Introduces Highly Anticipated Vent Mount

PopSockets the quirky, cute popping accessory is taking the world by storm.

The round discs along with their popping base fasten to the back of any phone (regardless of what case you’re using), can be found in stores everywhere.

Part of their insane popularity is the fact that “pop” takes on two different meanings. One comes from the popping mechanism that makes it so you can text with one hand and easily hold onto your phone securely.  When you’re not using it to hold your phone you can pop it down into place and the disc becomes flat.  The other meaning is that the disc part comes in a variety of designs, many of them from pop culture.

They’ve also found their way into the world of business promotional items with the most trendy companies using branded PopSockets as swag.  PopSockets have replaced the fidget spinner as the “cool” swag, to give away at conferences.

Last year PopSockets released a car mount that uses the same super strong adhesive found on the PopSockets themselves. Their original car mount sticks to a flat surface in your car and you just slide your PopSocket in and out of the mount with ease. This makes it so you can easily see your phone while driving.

With so many of today’s vehicles having futuristic cockpits with zero flat surfaces the world of PopSocket users have been asking for a vent mount, a mount you can clip to your AC vent and pop your phone in and out of.

The vent mount is available for just $9.99 that makes the PopSocket and mount combination come in at $20 which is more affordable then just about every other car mount available. Also, PopSockets are super cool.

You can find PopSockets and the vent mounts at Target, Best Buy, Amazon and other retailers.