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Create The Perfect Voicemail For Your Home Based Business

The internet has allowed people to more easily run businesses from their homes. Customers can find your website and place orders without knowing that the warehouse is in your basement or garage. Sometimes, customers want to speak with you on the phone and order by telephone instead of on the web. Voicemail exists to collect the calls you can’t answer, but you need to have the right voicemail message for your business. Explore a few ways you can create the ideal voicemail message.

Introduce Your Business

voicemail-story Create The Perfect Voicemail For Your Home Based Business

When you call a business with a physical storefront, the greeting typically begins, “Hello, you have reached (business name).” The message may supply more information, but the opening of the greeting left you with no doubt about what business you were calling.

All businesses use this opener, and so should you. This greetings signals to callers that they have dialed the correct number even though callers are getting your voicemail. If you’re having trouble setting up your voicemail, and you’re using a smartphone operating on the T-Mobile network, T-Mobile explains how you get your voicemail working on your phone. T-Mobile’s most reliable coast-to-coast 4G LTE network makes connecting with people easier no matter where you may be.

Announce the Hours of Operation

You need time away from your business just as anyone does. However, being out of the office doesn’t stop people from calling you. Make it a point to announce your hours of operation and business days. Callers expect that someone is available to answer the phone when they call, but they will better understand the best times to reach you if you state the hours you operate. They’re more likely to leave a voicemail with their query or call back during your open hours.

Mention Your Website Address

Not every customer finds your telephone number through your website. Sometimes, customers find your business listed on another website with only the phone number, or they pick up the phone to call instead of following a link.

Mention a key part of your website, such as a frequently asked questions page, or tell callers how to find an email address if customers prefer not to leave voicemails. Not everyone is comfortable leaving messages, or people may feel that their queries are too long for a voicemail. Encouraging them to look at the website helps customers find more information.

Suggest That Callers Leave Messages

Not every business has a voicemail box that takes messages. As a result, customers don’t always expect to leave a message and may not stay on the line long enough to get to the messaging system. Encourage callers to leave messages by saying, “If you would like us to call you back, please leave a message” or any variation on the theme. The goal is to keep the customers engaged with your business by letting them know that they can share their reasons for calling in voicemail messages.

Write a Script

Don’t feel comfortable speaking into the microphone? Create a script for yourself. Write your message, make variations, and read them all out loud to find the one that flows the best. You don’t have to surround yourself with an audience unless you want feedback on how everything sounds when it’s put together. When you do recite the script into the phone, make sure to modulate your voice as you speak. A monotone voice can make you sound bored and uninterested in callers’ reasons for contacting you. Adding some emotion makes the message sound more genuine and welcoming to the person who is making the call to you.

The goal of your voicemail message is to inform, engage, and keep your customers interested in leaving messages for you. Customers are calling for a reason, and if you sound interested in that reason, then customers are far more likely to leave a message about the reasons that they’re calling you. You stand a better chance at making sales while making your customers happy with the decision to call and leave you messages.

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