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Airbnb for X: Some Interesting Startups

On Tuesday, we told you a little bit about Clover, or Uber for Strippers. That got us thinking a little bit about the trend in which startups define themselves with other startups. Such as the Uber for Strippers. Today, we decided to take a look at a few companies that call themselves Airbnb for something. It was really pretty suprising how many companies describe themselves in this way. There is a whole segment on Product Hunt of companies that are the “Airbnb for X.” Anyhow, here are some of the more interesting startups we came across:



Holidog is the Airbnb for dogs. This is really a pretty unique and useful service. The whole idea is that individuals can take better care of your pet than a kennel or groomer. Through Holidog, users can choose from several different options. First, you can choose to leave your dog or cat at the pet-sitters home. Holidog notes that this particular service is best for animal and people friendly pets. Next, you can choose to have a pet sitter come stay in your home with your animal(s). This is a good option for skidish animals. What’s more, you essentially get a house sitter as well. Alternatively, if you are uncomfortable having a stranger stay in your home – which I imagine a lot of people are – you can choose to have a pet sitter drop by a few times a day to let your pets out, feed them, change the litter box, etc. Holidog – the Airbnb for pets – seems to be a solid alternative to a kennel.



Boatound is the Airbnb for boats. Quite simply, Boatbound is a boat rental marketplace:

Boatbound is the first fully insured pier-to-pier boat rental marketplace in the world. Our mission is to spread the Ahoy! culture by making recreational boating more accessible to people of all ages, races, and income levels.

Over 13 million registered boat owners now have a way to offset their cost of ownership by renting their boats to pre-screened, qualified renters looking to create new on-the-water experiences. Whether you’re looking for a motor boat to enjoy a fun day out on the water, a pontoon boat to fish your favorite fishing hole, or a sailboat to leisurely sail a pristine bay, Boatbound creates safe and unique experiences at affordable price points.1

Boatbound provides up to $1M in liability and up to $2M in damage insurance to offset any potential fears users may have about listing their boats.



Gamping is the Airbnb for Camping. It is much more than that description though. Gamping allows user to either book or rent their own private land for camping. Simple enough! This is a major upgrade over the packed campgrounds of the world, which are often a mess and full of other campers. Gamping offers a more secluded, more private camping experience.

Check out Product Hunt for more of the Airbnb for X companies.

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