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Roll Parking Spaces, University Of Alabama Students Create AirBNB For Gameday Parking

spotimine-top-parking Roll Parking Spaces, University Of Alabama Students Create AirBNB For Gameday ParkingUniversity of Alabama Students Create Startup To Make Game Day Parking Easier

Stop it, I know there are a lot of you thinking that the University of Alabama is only good for one thing and that’s football. Well they’ve actually had a few big hits from startups like Brewery Buddy.  Several people on the staff at Shipt also went to the University of Alabama and Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia holds degrees from both Auburn and Alabama.

Now a startup out of Tuscaloosa, led by Mark Hume is innovating in a space they know all too well, and that’s game day football.

If you’ve ever been to an SEC football game or any D1 college for that matter, the biggest trick of them all is finding parking that’s not more than 10 football field lengths away from the stadium. Parking is always a challenge for people watching the Crimson Tide at Bryant Denny stadium which holds 101,821 spectators.

spotmine-eligoldcar Roll Parking Spaces, University Of Alabama Students Create AirBNB For Gameday Parking

Perhaps SpotMine could help Crimson Tide Voice Eli Gold find a spot he could comfortably park correctly in (photo: twitter)

SpotMine is a mobile app that creates a p2p marketplace (if that’s too big a word for you it’s an “airBnB” style market place), where property owners can list spots on their personal property for rent via the app. Now, folks who live close to Bryant Denny Stadium or Sanford Stadium on the campus of UGA (which holds 92,746 spectators) can use an app to sell their driveways, front lawns and extra garage spaces.  What Hume and the team at SpotMine have effectively done, is eliminate the need to stand outside in the sweltering heat holding a sign that says “Parking $40”.

SpotMine is already operational in Tuscaloosa Alabama for Crimson Tide fans (and visitors) and in Athens Georgia for Bulldog fans (and visitors) and they plan to expand to other college campuses soon.

“Our initial plans are to pursue parking opportunities for college game days, high school game days, special events like concerts and fundraisers and any other opportunities we feel like present a great opportunity for us to bring value to buyers and sellers,” said Mark Hume, a financial adviser by day and one of the c0-founders of the company told “Right now we’re pursuing football for obvious reasons.”

There are several Parking apps available today like Baltimore based Parking Panda. If SpotMine stays true to their football mission they may do just fine.

Check out SpotMine here at 

  • Jimmy Wales was not “the founder” of Wikipedia. Most of the credit rightly goes to co-creator, Dr. Larry Sanger, who presented the idea of a wiki-based encyclopedia to Wales and asked Wales to install “blank” wiki software on the company server. Sanger then named the new project “Wikipedia” and was the first to invite the public to participate. In the first year, Sanger’s edits outnumbered Wales’ by a factor of seven times.

  • Computer Science Principles

    In addition to Wales as an example of UA alums doing well in tech, don’t forget UA alum Dr. Nan Boden, currently Head of Global Alliances at Google.

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