California CES 2017

CES 2017: Juiced2Go Isn’t Just Another Battery Pack

Beverly Hills Startup Has Alternative To The Battery Pack

Juced2Go-header CES 2017: Juiced2Go Isn't Just Another Battery PackEvents like CES and SXSW mean that we need to charge up all of the battery packs in the office. Typically I carry tens of thousands of mah in my backpack to cover these massive tech events. Our arsenal of battery packs include products from Anker, Mophie, REV Power, Energizer and others. We can’t have the smartphones or iPads go dead during a conference.

This year we’re excited about checking out Juiced2Go.  Juiced2go is a new emergency power cell phone back up system that uses two small, lightweight parts to get your phone through a long day.  Whether you’re at a conference, festival or amusement park you don’t want your phone to go dead. You also may not want the weight of one of those other devices.

Juiced2go-Howitworks CES 2017: Juiced2Go Isn't Just Another Battery PackThe disposable battery extends a mobile phone’s life by up to four hours as well as a reusable, dual-tip compact adapter which works with both Apple and Android phones. When you’re ready for an extra charge, connect the battery to your mobile phone through the adapter and switch it to “ON.” After your charge is complete, save the adapter and recycle the battery at one of Juiced2Go’s participating locations or any battery recycling drop-off. Juiced2Go is light weight, cordless and small enough to fit in your pocket or handbag while charging.

“The one thing that all cellphone users have in common is that at some point, almost every day, their phone will run out of power,” says Juiced2Go co-founder, Ronny Mirel. “Based on the undeniable need for convenient emergency on-the-go power, Juiced2Go’s battery solution is the answer to your charging needs. It’s also the ideal option for families or couples that have Android and iOS phones so that they no longer need to carry multiple chargers.”

If you’re at CES you can check out Juiced2Go at CES South Hall Booth #35961 or online at