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ISTE 2017: Create With Video, Teach With Video, WeVideo

wevideo-top Create With Video, Teach With Video, WeVideo

Video is an important part of todays classroom. Educators use video content from all over the world to teach lessons. They use video as a tool to get kids more interactive. They even take videos of students to help them build confidence, practice new skills and even create news programs.

A three year old startup out of Menlo Park California has been helping teachers inspire students to tell their stories through video.  WeVideo is a complete, feature packed, video editing and story telling platform designed for today’s classrooms. But it’s more than just an editing suite.

WeVideo has assembled fun and easy templates complete with themes, music and sound that allow teachers to quickly engage students in story telling.

Students and teachers collaborate while expressing themselves in multiple dimensions using an expansive palette of creative tools. Empower every student to find their voice and demonstrate their knowledge in any subject and at every grade level.” the company says on their website.

wevideo-2 Create With Video, Teach With Video, WeVideoWeVideo is a complete solution ready to be deployed as soon as it is installed. Features include:

  • Support for Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, iOS, and Android
  • VIP Video processing and support
  • Green screen tools
  • screen recording tools
  • voice recording tools
  • Syncing across multiple platforms
  • team collaboration tools
  • teacher dashboards
  • Google Classroom Integration
  • Reporting analytics

and more!

Teachers and students have used the WeVideo platform to create all kinds of content like flipped classroom videos, student personal narratives, stop motion and animation projects, morning announcements and student journalism, student created PSAs and digital story telling. The uses are endless and the creative tools bring limitless possibilities.

Our online video editing platform democratizes the creation of incredible video stories, using the power of the Cloud to ensure that cost, complexity, and technology are never barriers. WeVideo makes it possible for friends and families, teachers and students, and businesses small and large to create incredible videos that inspire, motivate, and form indelible memories.” the company says on their website.

WeVideo started in 2011. Now they have 22 million accounts. In a recent interview , WeVideo President Andrew Baum touched on the possibility of VR coming along in the future but right now they are concentrating on growth. WeVideo’s biggest segment is education but more and more businesses, large and small are turning to the platform.

In the future people can “…expect to see even more robust features, especially for businesses. We are on a roll as far as getting our customers what they want. We will be introducing some great new features on our mobile platforms as well; and new partnerships that will increase our channel.” Baum told 

You can check out WeVideo at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, at booth #3045 and online at