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ISTE 2017: BLOCKSI Filters Content And Detects Cyber Bullying

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 2017: BLOCKSI Filters Content And Detects Cyber BullyingISTE 2017: BLOCKSI To Show Off Revolutionary Cloud Based Filtering With The Ability To Detect Cyber Bullying At ISTE

Blocksi-top ISTE 2017: BLOCKSI Filters Content And Detects Cyber Bullying

Content filtering isn’t new, especially when it comes to education. Obviously, with so many schools having multiple devices in the classroom and more and more schools turning to 1:1 programs, that’s a lot of devices to monitor. Teacher, administrators and even parents need to know that their kids are using the devices for classwork material, learning and research, not for perusing Twitter, looking up sports scores, or even worse porn.

District technology directors have to research and find the best content filtering solution for their district. BLOCKSI is a great place to start.

BLOCKSI is an edtech startup built in Silicon Valley. Their product started as a research project in 2011 to classify the internet into categories. From that research a cloud API was made available to third parties. That resulted in a Google Chrome Extension and Mozilla FireFox add on. Now BLOCKSI is a feature rich, versatile, proxy free, cloud based, 1:1 Chromebook filtering and trend analysis solution, for home, the office, schools and districts.

Their BLOCKSI Manager Education Everywhere (BMEE) will be shown off at ISTE 2017. It’s a robust management platform with three distinct dashboards for administrators, teachers and guardians. BMEE works seamlessly with Chromebooks being used both on and off campus.

BMEE puts complete control of a school system’s entire fleet of Chromebooks at an administrators fingertips. The platform is filled with important features like:

  • Pure Cloud internet Filtering.
  • Geofenced and Time based filtering policy
  • Scalability for thousands of Chromebooks
  • Granular per user Web and Youtube insights
  • Teachers and Parents account management
  • Multiple Administrators support
  • Chromebook Anti-theft
  • Chromebook Inventory

One of the most important features for teachers and parents, outside of filtering is “trends”. Trends can detect inappropriate behavior such as cyber bullying across Gmail, Google Drive and Youtube. Trends can also detect profanity/swearing, signs of depression/anxiety/low self-esteem, signs of self-harm/suicidal thoughts, violence, alcohol/drug-related content, sextortion, risky new contact, phishing, off-hours usage, nudity, mild sexual content, explicit sexual content, inappropriate behavior/content, hate speech, grooming, fake profile, disclosure of personal information, affiliation with dangerous organizations, change in account activity, 3rd-party abusive content. It can also alert the parent/guardian, teacher or administrator of any of these actions to help the student as quick as possible.

Blocksi also offers, BLOCKSIROUTER, the ultimate parent control router for the home.  The parental control router is fully customizable and comes with 2 years of BLOCKSI Cloud Service included.

You can check out BLOCKSI and BMEE at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, booth #3435 and online at

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