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Eclips: Consume and clip the best parts of videos


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What is Eclips?

Eclips provides a powerful new way for users to consume video — bookmark it, and “clip” the best parts of videos from anywhere on the web, automatically save them to your personal library, and even discuss specific moments. Then access your clips anywhere. Eclips is the first social video platform that combines the best elements of social bookmarking and video clipping to build an ecosystem of user-curated content.

Who is your target user?

consumers, teens, students, early adopters

Why did you build Eclips? What problem are you taking on?

In college, we found that if our friends missed a lecture, or if the material needed more explanation, they went online for video tutorials. These videos might run for an hour when the student only needed two minutes, and there weren’t any tools to bookmark just the bits you need.

A year ago, we asked, “What if we combined Pinterest’s collections, Twitter’s newsfeed, and Soundcloud’s discussion system with our video bookmarking tool?” This was so exciting that we left college to build it.

How is Eclips different from what is currently available?

Save any video from anywhere on the internet with a single click.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Dan Meng
Ops, UI and database. Credit Officer @SynergyGP (Acqu. by Saxco Int.). Founder & Designer @CreativeSquare. Econ @University of Western Ontario & @London School of Economics. Dean’s List, Western Scholarship of Excellence. Built first website in gr 5.
Serge Gmyria
Full-stack. Hacker. Application logic and server. Developed aviation maintenance software @Ave-BaseSystem. CS @Fanshawe College. Open-source contributor to games. Hacked into YWS (no harm done!) Programming since grade school.