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A Pair Of 21 Year Old Entrepreneurs Create The Entrepreneur’s Duffel Bag

Newport Beach Startup, Bobo Active Brings Perform Duffel To Market, And You Need It

BoboActive-Perform A Pair Of 21 Year Old Entrepreneurs Create The Entrepreneur's Duffel Bag

The early stage entrepreneur’s lifestyle is one of continuous travel. As many of our friends become envious of our travel adventures, we know the wear and tear it does on our bodies, our families, our relationships and our stuff. Early stage entrepreneurs need to be able to jump on a plain, train or bus at a moments notice for an investor meeting, trade show, or startup competition. For many early stage entrepreneurs a “go bag” is just part of every day life.

Two 21 year old entrepreneurs from Newport Beach are looking to make that lifestyle just a little easier. Bobo Active was established last year by Christian Sampson and buddy Wyatt Franta. They noticed that the actual traveling business person often carries a duffel bag and a garment bag. By consolidating those two into one bag the traveller saves time and money. The name of their company is a homage to the original Bobo himself, James McFadden, the Founder of Newport Beach.

BoBo Active from Homay Productions on Vimeo.

“The PerForm duffel makes traveling a breeze. It doubles as a garment bag to store a weekends worth of suits or blazers with enough room to store the rest of your clothes and acce’ Sampson told us in an interview.

The duffel bag is designed to minimize the stress on the shoulder. Other features include:

  • Seamlessly integrated garment bag
  • Multiple accessory pockets
  • 3M Refelective Properties
  • Ballistic nylon woven with a ballistic weave for strength power and technicallity all in one

The Perform Duffel Bag “..cures sore shoulders and arms from lugging around too much luggage. Take less with you without having to pay to check your luggage at the airport; FAA accepted carry on size” Sampson says.