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What is SchooLinks?

At SchooLinks we are revolutionizing the studying abroad process by creating a web platform and online community that connects students with schools and agents around the world.

We offer trusted reviews and ratings from real alumni to help students select their ideal school. Our online community helps students get accurate and quick answers directly from schools and agents. Schools and agents can also benefit by creating a profile for free and obtaining exposure to thousands of international students.

With our new Scholarship Center, students can apply to multiple scholarships with a single application form. Schoolinks has a comprehensive search engine, with over 4,000 Scholarships listed.

Why did you build SchooLinks? What problem are you taking on?

We are aiming to make the college and scholarship application process easier for students. Furthermore, we want to create a simple resource center, where consultants can help students study abroad.

How is SchooLinks different from what is currently available?

Our scholarship center is different from everyone else because we’re allowing students to apply to the scholarships directly from our website, and we’re also allowing them to apply to multiple scholarships with just one application.
Overall, there’s nothing else out there like We are an online platform connecting students directly with Universities and School Advisers. And we’re providing our service for free to students.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

I left my home, Shanghai, when I was 12 years old to embark on journey, studying abroad. Throughout the years, there were tons of challenges in terms of finding ideal schools and figuring out the application process. After many years of experience, I have consulted many family members and friends on their education planning. Also having seen many schools struggle with recruiting students in foreign markets, I had this “ah ha moment” to build an online platform in order to allow students access educational opportunities globally. SchooLinks is not only a search engine that helps students to find schools, but we also provide a set of utility tools to help students plan their education, get into their ideal schools, and apply for scholarships.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Katie Fang, founder and CEO. Graduated from UBC finance, has been coding since high school. Studied abroad as an international students for 10 years.