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Sunday Morning Startup Reading

Enjoy These Three Startup Pieces Over Sunday Brunch

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On Startup Communities

Michael Sitarzewski, who’s name is synonymous with the Dallas Startup Community, is scaling down big time with his wife Heather. They’re packing up their lives into an RV, traveling across the country and building a tiny house in Orlando, to be close to Disney World (She’s a Disney travel planner). In this great post, Michael, touches on his life as an entrepreneur from Dallas, that relocated to Boulder and back again to Dallas.

One of the foundations to a successful startup community is change. People, and startups come and go, so how does the community stay strong? Michael talks about this indepth, especially through his Boulder lens where Techstars brings multiple startups into town every year. Some stay, some go, and the community continues to thrive. What about Dallas?

“Instead of casting any doubt on the state of the DFW startup community, I’d encourage you instead figure out how to step up and take an active role in building the next version. Don’t just go to events, participate. Don’t just talk about a startup idea, build it. Don’t complain about things, take actionable steps to fix them” Michael offers. Read the rest on his blog in “The Truth About Why I’m Leaving The Dallas Startup Community. 


On Rebuilding Yourself

Before her divorce and exile from the startup she loved Cam Kashani was the godmother of Silicon Beach (LA area). Her and her ex-husband built Co-Loft, LA’s first co-working space from the ground up. It became the epicenter of the startup and entrepreneurial community in Los Angeles. It also became an AA of sorts for startup failures.

“Really, we were just wondering why there wasn’t an AA for entrepreneurs, where we can all fail together. CoLoft spawned from my first failure, That one was brutal. Two years, $200,000 and three customers. It was a dagger in the heart. It all happened during the Great Recession, and I couldn’t even find a job after the plug was pulled. But as I say, ‘scarcity spawns creativity,’ and from that failure spawned CoLoft.” she says.

Divorce is hard for anyone. Much harder when you’re divorcing your business partner as well. Add to that the fact that they have twins, and life was hard, very hard for Kashani. But like any true entrepreneur she found the light and has launched her next big startup. Check out her story, from our friends at Built In Los Angeles, in “How The Godmother of Silicon Beach Started Over”. 


The Straight Shit

Capital Factory Founder and otherwise startup bas ass, the unofficial startup Mayor of Austin Texas, Joshua Baer spoke at an event at UT this weekend. He was participating in UT’s Shark Tank pitch contest and delivered a talk called “How To Start Starting A Company and Why My License Plate Is EMAIL”.

If you were able to see the presentation and wanted to relive it Baer has posted the slides here.


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