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Flashpoint to hold 6th ATL Demo Day on April 12

On Tuesday, 12 April 2016, Flashpoint – an accelerator based out of Georgia Tech – will host their 6th demo day in Atlanta, followed by demo days in New York (May 3) and San Francisco (May 5). The Atlanta event will be hosted at the The Historic Academy of Medicine on 875 West Peachtree St.

Prior to the demo day presentations by the Flashpoint startups, there will be a by free workshop entitled: “Authentic Demand, Would You Recognize It If You Saw It?” In this workshop, attendees will get the chance to see Flaspoint’s methods and practices in action. Here is a brief description from the release announcing the demo days:

Before the demos, there will be a workshop for entrepreneurs and investors that explores authentic demand. Authentic demand is what the interest in your product or service feels like when your customers can’t not buy what you seem capable of delivering. Flashpoint startups employ a unique approach to discovering this demand, and build innovative products that meet it.

Flashpoint has a unique approach to acceleration. The accelerator has a very hands-on approach to the process. They call this process Startup Engineering:

Startup Engineering is a program and framework for finding genuine unmet demand and building scalable companies to satisfy it. Startup engineers take a “problem first” approach to identify inadequately addressed pain in their customer’s personal or professional lives. They generate theories about customer improvement goals and the constraints that prevent existing solutions from meeting them. They work toward actionable truth by testing to disconfirm their theories, modifying them, and retesting. They prioritize and gauge progress through a framework of understanding, bounding, and reducing the risks that all early stage companies face.1

Click the links for more info about Flashpoint, the Atlanta Demo Day, the New York Demo Day, and the San Francisco Demo Day. You can also register for the ATL demo day on Eventbrite.

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