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Drunk Mode: A companion app for your night out

Drunk Mode

Twitter-Logo Drunk Mode: A companion app for your night out Facebook-Logo Drunk Mode: A companion app for your night out

What is Drunk Mode?

Features (Presently Available)

1) Find My Drunk – Use GPS to track drunk friends, keeping you and them safe
2) Stop Drunk Dialing – Block selected contacts to hide them Sent from my iPhone
3) Breadcrumbs – Track your night to retrace your steps the next day (Lost Keys?)
4) Find A Ride – Our newest feature that lets users easily find an Uber or Lyft

Features (Releasing September)
5) Hotspots: Shows you the Girl to Guy Ratio around you
6) Fabriq: With our partnership with a StartUp in Colorado ( –, we will be releasing a Silver Alert Feature where if anyone goes missing in a college town like in the case of Hannah Graham, their breadcrumbs (24 Hour Location History) and profile information will be pushed to everyone who has Drunk Mode in a 3-5 mile radius. We already have at least 100-200 users in every college town that has Drunk Mode installed on their phone. This features is solving the problem: ‘Where was this person seen last’ in the case of an emergency, saving time.

Who is your target user?

College Students, Parents, Universities

Why did you build you product? What problem are you taking on?

We solve ‘Drunken Convenience’

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Joshua Anton, CEO – a graduate of the University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce (2014), brings over half a decade of digital marketing and leadership experience to the Drunk Mode Team.
Tony Lenzi, CTO – brings over a decade of experience leading the design and development of mobile and web apps to the Drunk Mode team.

Jacob Ellenberg, CMOfficer -Jake leads the creation of our communication strategies with the press and via social media outlets to amplify our message and continue to grow our userbase.

Andrew Hartford, Strategy & Business Development
Andrew runs Hartford Lab, a boutique business development firm that functions to run all things conceivable as ‘business development’ to scale early-stage tech startups, in addition to incubating and advising new ventures & their founders.

Daquan Page, COO – Daquan has implemented a campus rep program with over 70 different campus reps across the country and designed the wire-frames for the initial Find My Drunk Feature.