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Truebill lets you monitor and cancel all your subscription services

Over the past few years, there has been a huge rise in subscription based services and products; from the monthly boxes, to digital subscriptions like Netflix. It makes a lot of sense, these subscription services offer the sellers regular, predictable revenue. Generally, these services are good for the consumer too, for the same reasons: they are predictable. That said, every so often you hear a horror story about someone paying for a service for years without ever knowing. Well, one YC founder had this experience, and created Truebill to fight the problem.

After noticing a $40 charge on his bank account from Gogo – the in-flight WiFi provider – Yahya Mokhtarzada, one of the cofounders of Truebill, took a closer look at his statement. After this closer inspection, it turned out that Mokhtarzada had been subscribed to the service for more than a year. Mokhtarzada was so fed up, that he started a chain of actions that would lead to the founding of Truebill, as quoted by TechCrunch:

I called them to give me a refund on it, which was nice, but I said how many people are out there that have these subscriptions out there..So we built that, showed it to my mom and family, they found subscriptions [they didn’t know they had]. So we polished it up a bit, and we started digging into the data.1

truebill Truebill lets you monitor and cancel all your subscription services

Truebill is really two services in one. First, it allows users to track and manage all of their reoccurring subscriptions. Secondly, and really most importantly, it will allow users to unsubscribe from these services. This sounds relatively simple, however it is anything but. Yes, canceling things like Netflix or Hulu is straightforward, but many subscription services make you jump through hoops to cancel. Just ask anyone who has tried to cancel a gym membership. Oftentimes, you have to send a handwritten letter to the gym in question. Well, Truebill takes care of all of this for you.

Oh, and it is completely free. Check out for more info or to sign up.

  1. Matthew Lynley, TechCrunch, “TrueBill Wants To Help You Manage Your Online Subscriptions,” 2 February 2016