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Clover: Uber For Strippers


We just came across a new app that looks to make hiring adult entertainment easier than ever before. Clover is the “Uber for Strippers.” While this may seem a bit juvenile, it actually makes a lot of sense. One Redditor – /u/bobkelsosmuffins – weighed in with a comment on a plug for Clover:

A couple of years ago my buddy was getting married. We decided to do a skiing bachelor party in Jackson Hole. One night, somebody in the party decided we should get a stripper. It was difficult to find one, and there was no way to verify if she was entertaining, attractive, and her past customers reviews. Communicating with her was also problematic. She showed up and it was okay. So although I will probably never use this service, I really like the idea from a quick communication and customer reviews standpoint.1

Beyond adding a layer of customer reviews, as well as adding more visibility and transparency to the whole process, Clover is also a major benefit to the entertainers. Firstly, all users have to go through a background check to be verified – what that means however, is a bit unclear. Further, the app helps entertainers keep much more of their earning than the traditional services:

Unlike typical entertainment, all of our entertainers get to keep virtually all of the income they earn. Clover keeps track of earnings and customer satisfaction in the dashboard.2

And perhaps most importantly, Clover has a built in security feature:

Clover disrupts the industry by adding an extra layer of safety to entertainment services. At anytime the client or the entertainer can hold the Clover button for 5 seconds and their location will automatically be shared with local authorities.  3

Although Clover may seem a bit childish, it fills a real need. Clover adds some much needed transparency, and an extra layer of safety to the adult entertainment industry.

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