Denver Organic Meal Startup Grows With Maryland Investmenthas

An organic food startup based in Denver is growing, thanks to the help of a healthy investment from a Maryland investment firm.

New Enterprise Associates has backed the 9 month old Denver company, Green Chef, with a $15 million dollar investment. Green Chef delivers prepackaged organic meals to customers doorsteps, currently west of the Mississippi, but that’s about to change.

Businessden reports that with this huge influx of cash, Green Chef will put a facility on the east coast to serve those customers who have been clamoring for their service since it went on the market.

Greenchef is far form a Unicorn startup, although they haven’t said exactly how many customers they have. Businessden reports that, Michael Joseph the company’s CEO and founder says the company ships their products to tens of thousands of people.

With that, Greenchef also helps people plan out their meals, which separates them from other like minded companies.

“What’s been different with Green Chef is it helps out with the planning aspect,” Joseph told “Shopping online and having it delivered to you is one thing, but my wife and I really felt that even though I was running an organic grocery delivery system, it didn’t solve that problem of deciding what we were actually going to eat together.”

Joseph grew up in the Washington DC area. His father wrote food policy legislation that helped create the grocery store labeling systems of today for the Food and Drug Administration.

Joseph’s been in Denver for 12 years. Previously he started an organic produce delivery business before having the idea for Greenchef. He was able to take his experience with the previous business and combine that with the technical experience of some of his friends who had sold their tech startup to Disney.

You can check out Greenchef here.