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Ari Fleischer Is Giving An Unprecedented Look Into 9/11 On His Twitter Feed

Ari-Fleischer-911-tweet-top Ari Fleischer Is Giving An Unprecedented Look Into 9/11 On His Twitter FeedWhite House Press Secretary Under George W. Bush Is Giving America An Unprecedented Look Into The Morning of 9/11/01

Today is 9/11 and while some of the normal memorials and remembrances have been overshadowed by the wrath of Hurricane Irma, something amazing is happening on Twitter. Former White House Press Secretary under George W. Bush is giving an unprecedented, first hand account of what happened behind the scenes as the terror unfolded in the United States.

Apparently this is something that Fleischer has done every year. “9:45am I boarded AFOne and POTUS and spent much of the day in his cabin.  I took verbatim notes of what he did and said”.

What we are seeing today on Twitter and in years past is from Fleischer’s own personal notes as well as photos from that day. It’s an amazing look into history that could only be recounted by someone of Fleischer’s position.

“9:45 The Capitol and WH were evacuated. WH aides were told by USSS (US Secret Service) to run, not walk. Women were told to take off their heels and run”.

Even with all the books, videos and other materials available to teach and learn about 9/11 to get this close and personal to our Commander in Chief at that time in history is an amazing thing. To have it available in such an open forum is just as amazing.

Through Fleischer’s tweets you really get to see how real and human President George W. Bush was, especially during this time.

Shortly after the south tower collapsed at 9:59am Bush turned to his closes aides aboard Air Force One and says “We are at war. That’s what we’re paid for boys. We’re going to take care of this”.

Air Force One took off that morning with no particular destination in mind. Shortly after 10am there was some talk about returning to Washington DC.  Vice President Dick Cheney and the USSS rebuffed and said that was a horrible idea so they climbed to 45,000 feet and flew in a random pattern. At that point the Federal Aviation Administration had grounded every single plane in the country so it was just Air Force One and their military escort.

Head over to Ari Fleischer’s Twitter right now to see this tweet re-enactment. Here’s a link.