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Betamore And Tech Council Of Maryland Build A Bridge For Growth

If you are familiar with the inner workings of the separate Baltimore and Washington DC metropolitan areas than you probably know how hard it is to get both markets to play nice with each other.  Individually both markets are top 20. Collectively, as one they would rival the likes of Los Angeles or Chicago.

Both Baltimore and the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC bring equally important, but different sets of resources to the community. The Washington DC suburbs in Maryland are  rich with federal government which happens to be the largest enterprise customer in the world. Baltimore is rich in industry with it’s large port and companies like Under Armour, Phillips Seafood, and Domino Sugar calling it home.

In recent years, Baltimore has become a tech hub of sorts, courting a subset of young mobile and web professionals. AOL’s advertising arm along with Millennial Media also both call Baltimore their home.

With all that in mind, you can certainly appreciate the significance any kind of pact to promote startups and technology between the two metros, would bring.

Such is the case with a new  alliance, created through a partnership between Betamore, an award winning co-working space, incubator and campus for technology and entrepreneurship, and The Tech Council of Maryland.

“There is a great opportunity to unite the Baltimore and Washington technology communities, and spur more economic growth in Maryland. This partnership seeks to break down geographic divides to make better use of all the innovation occurring in this region, build businesses and increase our workforce,” said Phil Schiff, CEO of the Tech Council of Maryland. “Betamore is brilliantly engaging many in the region to support promising early-stage businesses, and we believe TCM’s members can benefit from becoming a part of the great work they are doing.”

TCofMD_Logo_FINAL Betamore And Tech Council Of Maryland Build A Bridge For Growth

“Building collaborative partnerships will enable our region to overcome existing silos and help Maryland’s technology communities to flourish,” said Jennifer Meyer, CEO of Betamore. “TCM brings enormous value to so many of Maryland’s tech and life science businesses, and I know working closely with them will help make Betamore and the region a global destination for entrepreneurship.”

According to a press release the new partnership will include:

  • Four jointly hosted events in the next year. The first – a regional cyber security networking event – will take place in early September 2015 at Betamore’s campus. Future events will focus on health IT, access to capital for early-stage companies and bringing together life science companies from both markets.
  • Members of both organizations will have reciprocal access to all events each organization produces at either no cost or at a discounted member’s only rate.
  • Enhanced statewide advocacy for the technology and life science communities.