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Is Your Driving Bad For The Environment? CarPrint Can Tell You

DC Startup CarPrint Gives You The Eco Footprint Of Your Driving

carprint-top Is Your Driving Bad For The Environment? CarPrint Can Tell You

Is it possible that the way you drive is harming the environment? What steps can you take to be a more eco-friendly driver?

The answer to both of those questions can be found with the help of Washington DC area startup, CarPrint. CarPrint uses your vehicles on board diagnostic port and an app to tell you how eco-friendly your driving habits are, and hopefully help you change some habits to become a more eco conscious driver. It’s just simply not in the cards right now for everyone to rush out and buy a Tesla or even a Prius. If you’re looking to make a difference for the environment with your driving CarPrint can help.

The CarPrint app is available for android and iOS. Combine that with an OBD reader that you can buy on Amazon for under $20 and you’ll soon see how your driving is helping or hurting the environment. Not only that but CarPrint can give you information about your fuel economy which could end up saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over a years time.

All cars get lower fuel economy at very high speeds and very low speeds what’s the sweet spot for your ride? When you know that information not only can you help the environment but it could mean money in your pocket. Perhaps driving 85 mph down the highway is hurting your car, the environment and your wallet. Maybe driving 75 instead could save you more money in the long run, and who doesn’t want more money?

“CarPrint addresses the urgent environmental and social problem of climate change. Despite growing concerns about climate change, governments aren’t doing enough to address the problem.  As the United States pulls out of the Paris Climate Agreement, CarPrint empowers individuals to take the issue of climate change into their own hands through a mobile app. Using CarPrint, drivers can take meaningful action to slow climate change by learning and committing to a smarter driving style that minimizes fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. The best part? CarPrint makes it fun!” the company told in an interview.

carprint-2 Is Your Driving Bad For The Environment? CarPrint Can Tell YouScott Osberg is the President and Co-Founder of CarPrint, and he’s no stranger to the automotive industry. Before CarPrint he was the Research Director at the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. While he was there he “…learned that many traffic safety interventions are based on the assumption that drivers would improve their driving if they knew the dangers, but the reality is that most drivers think they’re above average and the “other guy” is the problem. His team also studied telematics, using equipment like cameras or data recorders to monitor driver behavior, but these are used mostly for teen and fleet drivers who dislike the monitoring because parents or bosses are in charge.” Anna McDevitt the Communications Director for Car Print said.

“The epiphany was: Rather than monitor and coerce people into better driving behavior, why not use a positive approach that appeals to everyday driver’s concerns about the environment? Eco-drivers reduce emissions considerably and eco-driving encourages the formations of safer driving habits as drivers pay closer attention to traffic signals and others on the road. So, we developed a game that teaches people how to eco-drive and provides feedback on how they are doing trip-by-trip and over the long term. Players can compete against themselves and others to beat their vehicle’s fuel economy ratings, making it fun to be an safe and eco-friendly driver” McDevitt added.

CarPrint is a pretty non-intrusive way for drivers to become more eco-conscious about their driving habits. It’s not totally about the environment though. CarPrint has added some pretty nice features to the app like a vehicle locator and GPS. CarPrint also helps drivers keep track of their trips and gives drivers alternate routes that could be more eco-friendly.

You can download CarPrint for Android here and iOS here and you can purchase an ODB reader from the link below.