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Big Data Have You Confused? Data Society Can Help

DC Startup Data Society Is Data Science Training For Professionals


Big Data is driving everything we do. Sensors, computers, surveys, algorithms, cookies, spiders and more are all taking in huge data points that are helping businesses everywhere make decisions. Many companies have resorted to outsourcing all their data science needs. That can prove to be both timely and costly.

Washington DC based Data Society has a solution to that problem, and that is training. Data Society uses proven methods and teaches data science to every day professionals. They take the complex terminology, equations and techniques and turn them into easy to understand executable actions.

The company was founded in 2015 with the simple mission: “making data science easier to learn for the average person, even for those with no previous coding experience whatsoever.”

Data-society-1 Big Data Have You Confused? Data Society Can Help

After someone understands the theories and methods used in data science they can engage and pull insight from complex models and data sets. This will ultimately help companies, internally, find out why their customers are making the decisions they do and offer pre-emptive solutions to problems, better pricing, better inventory control and a whole slew of business improvements.

When compared to other online data science training sites, Data Society offers the most features for the best value. Their easy to understand interactive lessons and quizzes insure that the student is mastering the important back bone skills of data science. At the end of the Data Society courses students are given a certification that they will be able to use in their current employment situation and beyond.

The company has teamed with data science professors and other data science experts to offer the most comprehensive curriculum, insuring that skills taught today are still necessary tomorrow. Everything is included in the Data Society pricing including downloadable pdfs that help with skills mastery, books and homework activities.

we got a chance to talk with Data Society at the WEDC house at South By Southwest. Check out the interview video above and for more information visit