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Kim Bryden Keeps It Local With Cureate

DC Woman Led Startup Matches Local To Local In An Innovative, Important Way


“Say you own a small chain of local restaurants, and you’ve been ordering snack foods from Pepsico, but you want to order snack foods locally? It would be a pain to source the same variety of snack foods Pepsico provides” that’s what Cureate founder Kim Bryden explained to us at the WEDC house at South By Southwest this past Saturday. She went onto explain that her startup, Cureate makes that sourcing much easier.

Cureate wants local businesses to source foods, snacks, beverages and the like, from local sources. But she wants to do it with less headache and an affordable cost.

Bryeden’s company is the matchmaker between local bars, restaurants and food establishments to local food and beverage businesses. The company works with startups, growing companies and large enterprises. Typically every business owner wants to help spur their local economy. Convenience and cost are always the hurdles in doing that.

KimBryden-Cureate-WEDC Kim Bryden Keeps It Local With Cureate

Cureate founder Kim Bryden talks with an attendee at the WEDC house at SXSW photo:


Say you’re a large corporation, that’s known for locally sourcing cafeteria foods and you’re opening a new location in the DC area. Well you can’t use your Silicon Valley providers in DC, and really holding up the opening of your business for food sourcing isn’t going to help the bottom line. Cureate can help those customers too.

Bryden is no stranger to the food and beverage business either. She’s spent the last decade working in different capacities in F&B. She began her career at the DC Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA). She then worked for Whole Foods and completed their well known in house MBA program, EMERGE. She’s also very outgoing, peppy and passionate about two things, the food and beverage business and shopping local.

She hasn’t raised any traditional investment dollars yet. She’s bootstrapping Cureate and using the contest winning methodology. Win startup contests, give up no equity. Last year she won $10,000 at the Innovation Village Pitch Competition in neighboring Baltimore.

After starting Cureate in 2014, Bryden was able to launch Cureate earlier this year. She describes it as a “megaphone for small businesses”.

Since Cureate’s launch in January the company has been focused on the DMV area between Washington DC and Baltimore. Bryden said she hopes to expand to Philadelphia and Richmond soon. Of course Austin may be an attractive market down the line soon.

Hopefully as time goes on, Bryden will be able to expand Cureate nationally and using the platform will be as easy as calling your Sysco rep from coast to coast.  I’m confident that with Bryden’s leadership that won’t be a hard task.

Check out Cureate yourself at and don’t forget the extra “e”.