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We Took A Trip To DC via Austin At The WEDC House [SXSW]

The Nation’s Capitals’ Entrepreneurs Show Out At South By Southwest 2017

WEDC-top We Took A Trip To DC via Austin At The WEDC House [SXSW]

While it was sunny and nearly 80 degrees in Texas, entrepreneurs in the Washington DC were loading up their wares to head south to South By Southwest in a strange snow/rain shower mix. Happy to head to warmth and the annual pilgrimage of entrepreneurs, investors and techies, they were met by one of the rainiest South By South West days since 2014.

That didn’t stop the WEDC Showcase and Day Party from happening just across the street from the Austin Convention Center.  Over 40 startups and DC creatives came to the WEDC house for a great showcase, clearly demonstrating the district’s commitment to entrepreneurship that’s been evident since the days of The Fort in 2010, and well before that.

Entrepreneurs in the Washington DC are surrounded by resources and likeminded peers. DC has a variety of co-working spaces and incubators including 1776, founded by original Startup America members Evan Burfield and Donna Harris, and Halcyon which caters to socially minded entrepreneurs.

DC entrepreneurs are a diverse bunch. At the WEDC house we found candle makers, an old fashioned printer, a variety of fashion companies, those awesome food delivery robots and tech startups, lots of tech startups.

We can’t attest to what happens behind the scenes, but when DC shows up for anything they show out. Just three years ago we went to three different events where former DC Mayor Anthony Williams was in attendance, including the opening of 1776, a Speek party and a meetup at South By Southwest. We’ve been assured that under Mayor Muriel Bowser’s leadership, the support of entrepreneurship has continued to grow.

DC is home to the largest enterprise client in the world, the federal government. Entrepreneurs in the DC area can also get access to international countries a lot easier than most other startup communities. Steve Case, the billionaire founder of AOL, works relentlessly to support the DC startup community and startups everywhere else (kind of like we do).

Over the next couple of days, will introduce you to some of the entrepreneurs and startups that despite what happens on Pennsylvania Avenue they continue to pave the way to innovation.