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Aquisition Tool Startup Candidate.Guru Closes $1M Round

Florida Startup Candidate Guru Raises $1M

candidate-guru-1 Aquisition Tool Startup Candidate.Guru Closes $1M Round

Candidate.Guru was founded by Chris Daniels in 2014. After spending time as a recruiting executive, Daniels was looking for a way to deliver better culturally fit candidates for employers. Candidate.Guru was born.

The Florida startup won the Miami Herald’s business plan competition in 2016. Their big data solution can predict a cultural fit between companies and prospective job candidates without requiring the candidate to take surveys and use other assessment tools.

They call the system the Candidate Guru cultural matching system. It combines machine learning, data science and predictive analytics. They examine hundreds of thousands of successful work relationships. They then add in attributes from their proprietary database, with thousands of attributes available from public sources. After that they identify which attributes are predictive both successes and failed relationships.

To date they’ve already secured 20 corporate clients and are profitable. They’ve also executed a licensing agreement with the Florida Institute For Human and Machine Cognition based in Pensacola. Their technology is patent pending.

With a $300,000 investment from the Florida Institute For The Commercialization of Public Research , the company has closed out an oversubscribed $1 million dollar funding round at $1.1M, reports the Miami Herald. Florida angel groups: The FAN Fund, Florida Funders and Miami Innovation Fund also participated. That adds to $475,000 the startup raised from friends and family.

Check out Candidate.guru here.