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SoLoMo Discovery Meets Tinder With intoGo

Jacksonville Startup intoGo Makes Social Local Mobile Discovery Relevant Again

intoGo-top SoLoMo Discovery Meets Tinder With intoGo

Social Local Mobile was so SXSW 2012, Discovery was so SXSW 2013 (and OneSpark 2013) but swipe left and right, that’s the big thing this year as we approach SXSW 17.

Swiping left and right, the feature made famous by Tinder, is what we expect to see a whole lot of come March 10th in Austin, Texas for South By Southwest Interactive. We’ll get to see a sneak peak of it at the Sup-X Startup Challenge in Miami the week before. That’s because we’re looking forward to checking out intoGo.

intoGo was founded by Zachary Schwartz, a Jacksonville Florida implant with the entrepreneurial gene built in. His family had started a successful print magazine called Guide Publications that helped consumers do local discovery the old fashioned way. The family saw success with their magazines in Long Beach, New York, Cincinnati and Indianapolis reports Jacksonville.com

Schwartz was gung-ho about continuing the family business and tradition, however he struck out on his own. For whatever reason he couldn’t grasp the print publishing business, perhaps because it was on it’s way out. He turned that failure into an opportunity by taking the family business online. When his mom relocated to Jacksonville, Schwartz went too and that’s where he launched intoGo.

intoGo-Zachschwartz-2 SoLoMo Discovery Meets Tinder With intoGo

Zachary Schwartz founder intoGo (photo: Business Journal)

“I first made a directory and failed before I tried and failed again,” he said. “I then met a gentleman in California who told me to take my family’s business and put it online.” Schwatz told Jacksonville.com 

He vigorously defends his company, at least he did when we threw some lighthearted jabs at him on Twitter. Come on the local discovery app has already set sail. But alas Scwartz’s experience growing up in the industry along with incorporating swipe left feature, where users can swipe what they want to check out and discard what they don’t, they are onto something.  Just like Tinder, swiping left says the user isn’t interested while swiping right says they are.

intoGo incorporates Yelp and FourSquare reviews into the platform and even share the event on Facebook. They also incorporated Uber into the app so you can quickly summon a ride to get you to the latest greatest activity in Jacksonville (btw we actually love Jacks RIP Onespark).

Schwartz and the intoGO team were able to impress the judges at the upcoming Sup-X Startup Competition in Miami. He’s hoping to attract investors so that they can expand past Jacksonville.

You can download intoGO here for Android and here for iOS.