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Florida Startup Bringing Car Sales To Walmart

Miami Startup CarSaver To Pilot At Walmart

Car-Saver-Walmart Florida Startup Bringing Car Sales To Walmart

As technology continues to flourish, Walmart gets closer and closer to becoming the store to go to for just about everything. Walmart may be one of the last places that comes to mind when you hear the word innovation, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Bentonville Arkansas based company has hundreds of people on staff that evaluate forward thinking technology and startups on a daily basis. Walmart is looking for technology across a wide range of disciplines from logistics, to retail to automotive sales for their Walmart and Sam’s Club stores.

One startup that caught the eyes of the retail giant is Miami based, CarSaver.

The company was founded by Sean Wolfington, who previously headed a project at a car dealership he worked at utilizing the Costco car selling program. Costco members could handle the entire car buying process from kiosks inside the store. Now, more than two decades later, Wolfington has created CarSaver.

Walmart and CarSaver have partnered up to put kiosks in Walmart stores in Houston, Dallas, Phoenix and Oklahoma City where customers can purchase cars. AutoNation and Ally Financial are also partnering with Walmart and CarSaver for this innovative car buying experience. Customers will come into their local Walmart (in the test markets), choose a car, finance it and get insurance on it.

The CarSaver kiosk is convenient for customers coming into Walmart. Not only that but it shields customers from the haggling and high pressure sales tactics often employed by typical car dealerships. CarSavers CEO Sean Wolfington told Automotive News  it’s “the right way to sell cars — with a fair, transparent price, presented by brands the customer trusts most,”

If the partnership goes well at Walmart it’s hopeful that we could see CarSaver kiosks everywhere. The company is hopeful they will be in all Walmart Super Centers within the next two years.

Check out CarSaver here.

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