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Tickets Are A Thing Of The Past At Miami Heat Games

Miami Heat Switching To Mobile Only Entry For 2017-2018 Season

miami-heat-mobile-only-entry Tickets Are A Thing Of The Past At Miami Heat Games

Paper tickets are becoming a thing of the past in the NBA, well at least for Miami Heat fans. While it’s likely that paper ticketing is completely on the way out, the Heat are a little more progressive in their technology.

The Heat have made a lot of enhancements to their official app that’s available in the Google Play store and the iTunes App Store. Fans can now buy, sell and exchange authentic tickets through the mobile app. When they get to the American Airlines Arena they’ll just need to go to the app and the ticket within the app to have it scanned as they move through the doors. Of course fans have been able to use their smartphones to scan tickets purchased through TicketMaster and secondary ticket sites like StubHub and SeatGeek for the past few years.

The Miami Heat’s Vice President of Digital Strategy and Innovation, Matthew Jafarian spoke with about the new ticketing procedures and some additional in stadium features for the app. As they roll out the new mobile strategy for ticketing they will no longer use paper tickets. In the rare case that fans don’t have a smartphone available they can go to the box office with their ID to gain admittance.

“All of our fans are used to this on-demand, technology-driven interaction,” Jafarian, told SportTechie. “We’re bringing that same ideology over to the Miami Heat. We want it to be digital and seamless for fans to get into the arena, as well as do other things.”

But if you do have a smartphone you’re going to want the Miami Heat app for more than just ticket sales. The app lets you keep up to date with scores, rosters, team and player news, schedules and events. In addition, fans can use a mobile wallet feature that links directly with American Express and Paypal for payment. With mobile wallet fans can pay for souvenirs and concessions with their phone and leave their credit cards at home too.

Speaking of souvenirs and concessions, The Miami Heat are currently installing the “Wait Time” feature which will tell fans via the app the wait times at bathrooms, concession stands and souvenir shops within the American Airlines Arena.

Is this the future of ticketing?

This is move to mobile ticketing is just the first step towards the future of ticketing. More and more teams across all professional sports are expected to change to mobile ticketing over the next few years. Not only that, but a new partnership between TicketMaster and Cincinnati based startup LISNR will use inaudible sonic tones to help move people through the entry process at ticketing events, eventually eliminating the need to take out your smartphone and speeding up the process greatly.

Jafarian and his team are constantly looking at ways to use technology to improve the fan experience. They are looking at ways to customize the experience for each fan, even through demographics. For instance, Jafarian sees a time in the not so distant future where coupons for a family of four pack would only be delivered to families of four and date night coupons could be delivered to single fans. For years the Miami Heat have consistently provided one of the best in game experiences in the NBA and professional sports according to multiple websites.

You can download the Miami Heat app, here.

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