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Emmitt Smith and San Diego Startup Bring New Meaning To Blind Side

Emmitt Smith To Demonstrate Aira, A San Diego Visual Interpretation Startup At Upcoming Cowboys Game

aira-top Emmitt Smith and San Diego Startup Bring New Meaning To Blind Side

updated 11:22pm 8/21/2017 to reflect that Aira is a San Diego startup that went through AT&T’s Atlanta based Foundry program.

Emmitt Smith, the pro football all time rushing leader, has taken up a number of jobs since leaving football. One such job is as an ambassador of sorts with AT&T. As a spokesperson and ambassador Smith takes a hands on approach to helping AT&T with some really cool projects. This time, he’s helping to promote technology that’s helping the visually impaired from San Diego  startup Aira.

Aira creates smart eyewear that connects the blind with a network of certified agents via wearable smart glasses and an augmented reality dashboard that allows the agent to see what the glasses see in real time.

On October 1st as the Dallas Cowboys battle the Los Angeles Rams in Dallas, Smith will sit in the press box armed with his own eyes, a headset and the Aira dashboard. A visually impaired fan will sit in the stands with the rest of the fans and watch the game. Throughout the entire game, Smith will offer customized play by play for the fan based on exactly what the fan is watching.

“I’m going to sit up in the box, and we’re going to talk about what I’m seeing, and I’m going to relay the game to them so they can get this visual effect of what’s actually transpiring on the football field,” Smith said on the Rich Eisen Show. “These glasses are pretty awesome. I’m enjoying the technology. This is a way to communicate to the visually impaired to help them understand what’s going on around them.”

The idea behind Aira is that these agents become the eyes for the person wearing them, whether they are going for a stroll at the park, shopping at the mall or participating in a work meeting.

Aira is the first company to come out of AT&T ‘s Foundry’s connected home division. The AT&T Foundry is an innovation incubator.

“Companies entering AT&T’s Foundry are looking to solve a problem through connectivity,” Chris Penrose, the President of Internet of Things Solutions at AT&T, said in a statement. “Our provision of wireless connectivity to Aira will bring nearly real-time access and management to their platform. Ultimately, we believe that this should improve the experience for the blind and visually impaired.”

While the football game will be a once in a lifetime experience for the fan, it will be a great test of Aira’s technology, especially with the fast paced NFL environment. The relationship between AT&T and Smith is a welcome break from celebrities just endorsing the latest smartphone.

Aira is also partnering with AT&T to bring The Eclipse to visually impaired people. Check out that story here from Fox News. 

Find out more about Aira here.