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Goodr Is Fighting Hunger With An App

Amazing Atlanta Entrepreneur Creates Social Food Rescue Startup

Jasmine-Crowe-Goodr-top Goodr Is Fighting Hunger With An App

When I stumbled across Good-R in the story we did about the Sup-X startup contest finalists, my mind was blown.

After a 37 second video I instantly got what Good-R is all about. It’s about saving or rescuing large amounts of food from being sent to the garbage and matching it with drivers to get it to the people that need it. It’s such an amazingly simple concept, that it took a brilliant philanthropic entrepreneur to discover.

Black Enterprise reports that in 2013 Jasmine Crowe started fighting hunger and homelessness. She created an initiative called Sunday Soul through her company Black Celebrity Giving. She champions events and feeding initiatives across the Atlanta area. She also enlists the help of celebrities from the Atlanta community. She’s fed tens of thousands across the Atlanta area.  Her efforts have spawned across five US cities as well as endeavors in Haiti and the UK.

Her latest endeavor, a software startup, has the potential to go nationwide, and help turn some 33 million tons of wasted food into food that the homeless and the needy can use.

Crowe calls Good-R a real time food rescue app, because that’s just what it does.

  • Caterers, institutions, hotels, restaurants and anyone with an excess of food can logon to the app
  • They set in the app a time of how long they will hold the excess food before they pitch it in the trash
  • A rescuer (driver) with a truck or large vehicle, can respond to the request and pick up the food in the allotted time.
  • Then an agency, group, shelter or other organization can have the food delivered by the rescuer right to the door.

GoodR-Screen Goodr Is Fighting Hunger With An App

Again, it took 37 seconds to understand all that.

In perusing the app video, it showed food available for rescue in large amounts. One entry had 100 meals, another 150 and so on and so forth.

The real time nature of Good-R means that a catering company that was catering a fundraiser for 500, and only 200 showed up because of the rain, can quickly go onto Good-R and have the remaining 300 meals donated and picked up in minutes.