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Atlanta Startup Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Help Vaccinate Homeless Dogs

Wuff Awareness Brand Has Taken To Kickstarter To Launch Startup Vaccinating Homeless Dogs

Wuff-Brand-Kickstarter-top Atlanta Startup Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Help Vaccinate Homeless Dogs

Whether socially conscious or for profit, animal oriented startups are on the rise. Last week we brought you the news that Austin based, Embark Veterinary had raised $4.5M for their startup that offers at home DNA testing for dogs. Now, we’ve learned that an Atlanta startup, called the Wuff Awareness Brand, has taken to Kickstarter to launch their business.

Wuff Awareness is planning to sell stylish dog inspired t-shirts to raise awareness about homeless dogs and then help those same homeless dogs get vaccinated.  The Kickstarter campaign will allow people to “sponsor” homeless dogs and raise awareness at the same time.

Each year over 3.9 million dogs enter animal shelters. More than half of them come in as strays. That means millions of dogs a year are homeless. Often times when we think about stray or homeless animals feral cats come to mind but there are millions of homeless dogs as well.

There are also a lot of dogs that live on the streets with their owners who may not have access to vaccinations. Through the Wuff Awareness brand t-shirts as each shirt is sold, two homeless dogs are able to get vaccinated.

“Every T-shirt we sell will provide proper vaccinations for two shelter dogs. Shelter dogs that are healthy and disease-resistant have much better odds of finding a happy forever home. Preventable diseases like Bordetella can stop an adoption in its tracks. Many dog shelters and rescue clinics are unable to afford the timely administration of these vaccinations. We aim to bring financial support and social awareness to this issue, one T-shirt at a time.” Wuff Awareness Brand says on their Kickstarter Page. 

The shirt are available through their Kickstarter campaign starting at $25. For more information visit their Kickstarter page here.