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Atlanta’s ATDC Expands Footprint

ATDC Kicks Off Augusta Program this Month

ATDC-top Atlanta's ATDC Expands Footprint

Ever since we started reporting on startups in Atlanta in 2011, ATDC is usually somewhere in the mix. We’ve covered many startup events either at ATDC space or sponsored by ATDC. The Advanced Technology Development Center is actually one of the longest running true technology incubators in the country.

ATDC has been around over 35 years and has had over 170 graduates from their programs. Those graduates have raised more than $2 billion dollars in capital.

While other incubators born in the 80’s have bowed it in favor of new, high tech, startup incubators, ATDC continues to evolve and support startups in the southeast. As recently as January they announced a new partnership for an accelerator called Engage. They’ve also extended their benchmark programming across the state to Athens and Savannah.

On Monday they’ll be kicking off their first startup bootcamp in Augusta.

ATDC’s startup bootcamp is cohort based program that covers the lean startup model. ATDC’s programs in Atlanta are revolving, they kick off every Tuesday, meaning that startups and entrepreneurs that want a chance to get in, don’t have to wait out a full season. The bootcamp program in Augusta will run 8 weeks according to our friends at Hypepotamus.

“They say 90 percent of all entrepreneurs fail in the first five years,” says Jennifer Bonnett ATDC’s General Manager. “Hopefully we’re helping them fail fast through our customer discovery process and curriculum so that they can understand whether or not they should truly spend the next five to 10 years of their life building this product and company.”

The cohort based model found in the bootcamp program is the same style as other accelerators like Techstars, Gener8tor and the Brandery. Although every startup in the program is growing, learning and competing for investor dollars, they typically bond. You may find one startup needs help with a development hurdle while another needs some help with customer discovery. They all end up helping each other. In some cases forming life long friendships or becoming co-founders on something in the future.

“Somebody might be three steps ahead of you, somebody might be three steps behind you, but you all learn from each other,” says Bonnett. “They see each other’s mistakes and they celebrate each other’s successes — building a stronger community in those cities.”

Find out more about ATDC here.