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BoardShare Is The Easiest Way To Share Your Board [ISTE 17]

ISTE 2017: BoardShare Is The Easiest Way To Share Your Board Anywhere, Anytime

boardshare-top BoardShare Is The Easiest Way To Share Your Board [ISTE 17]

Smartboards and other interactive boards are an expensive expenditure. Most schools have some kind of board sharing device that allows teachers to interactive with students on a level that far surpasses chalboards and white boards of previous days. Heck, who even remembers having to clap erasers as a punishment?

A Chicago startup, founded just four years ago, has created a device that turns any surface into an interactive, shareable board for students, and all the world to see. The best part is that the device is portable and affordable.

What if you’re a visiting teacher or a speaker brought in to do a two day workshop and you show up and there’s not an interactive board at the front of the room? BoardShare is definitely the device for you.

BoardShare is your personal device that can make any surface into a dynamic and interactive workstation at a fraction of the cost of other interactive devices. With no installation, licensing fees, or time-consuming training required, BoardShare is the solution for your interactive technology needs.” the company says on their website.

boardshare-device BoardShare Is The Easiest Way To Share Your Board [ISTE 17]Teachers can easily take BoardShare with them. The device prices at under $400 and sets up in just four easy steps; install, setup, calibrate and use. The first two steps only need to be done one time.

“ I teach classes using Hebrew and Greek. I started using the Boardshare – LIVE – right out of the box. It truly was that easy to use. Not only did I use the whiteboard, but also I was able access many sites and detailed information on the internet. This made my classroom come alive! It was absolutely amazing to be able to access internet information on the fly that was suggested by the students and then wrap it up into the material being presented ” Educator Rick Kipp of Myrtle Beach said.

While right now we’re gearing up for ISTE 2017, let’s not leave out the fact that BoardShare is perfect for business as well. Executives, marketers and sales people can easily toss the BoardShare device into their backpacks or laptop bags and turn any dull boardroom into an interactive experience. It’s also great for startups, this allows startups to get fully immersive in their presentation. Regardless of industry BoardShare allows you to take your working creation and save it to share later.

Imagine if you could roll up a smart board and put it in your backpack. That’s BoardShare. Check them out at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio Texas June 25th-28th at Booth #571 and online at