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Chicago Startup LANDR’s Partnership With Chance The Rapper Helped 75 Kids With Musical Dreams

Chance the Rapper and SocialWorks’ Partnership with LANDR Provides Donations & Classes

ChanceTheRapper-helpingkids Chicago Startup LANDR's Partnership With Chance The Rapper Helped 75 Kids With Musical Dreams

Back in June we reported that Chicago area startup LANDR had teamed up with Chance The Rapper and his social startup, Social Works Chicago. The partnership was designed to give Chicago area youth free audio mastering classes via LANDR’s world class platform.

LANDR was formed by a group of musicians that created a tool two years ago that masters people’s recordings via the cloud. The platform also uses AI to learn an artists “digital footprint” and adjust levels, compression, EQ, stereo enhancement and more. LANDR’s software than makes intelligent frame by frame micro-adjustments to master a recording, often times exceeding the levels of commercially available brick and mortar studios.

On Friday, Chance The Rapper and Social Works announced that they were able to give 75 kids professional audio mastering classes.  This comes on the heels of another program Chance started with State Bags, providing 30,000 backpacks to students in Chicago’s public schools.

SocialWorks is pleased to provide highly valuable instruction to these 75 participants through Kids of the Kingdom, a summer youth program in Chicago. Exposure to audio engineering can provide a foundation for new opportunities otherwise not available.

In addition to donating audio mastering classes, LANDR pledged a portion of its earnings from June 6 – 20 to additional Kids of the Kingdom initiatives. For each track new users mastered, LANDR donated $1. Through this partnership with LANDR, Kids of the Kingdom received over $10,400 in donations. This money will support young Chicagoans in following their music aspirations and sharing their stories with the world.

“The pursuit of creating art is a universally honest and necessary expression of our hopes, dreams, and emotions— art is rooted in our innate sense of curiosity, none more so than from the infinite imagination of our youth,” Chance the Rapper said in a statement. “However, these journeys of personal expression are never just black and white, and not every voice gets heard. That’s why SocialWorks and LANDR are launching a summer program to provide students in Chicago the necessary tools to tell their stories to the world. Together, we’ll shape the musicians of tomorrow, by supporting the kids today.”

Gladys Bennett, Chance the Rapper’s great-grandmother, founded Kids of the Kingdom (KOK) in 1977. KOK provides an outlet for Chicago-area youth for recreation and socialization by way of events, field trips and lesson plans. For more information about supporting KOK, visit