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Wow! Your Presentations Can Do That With Pear Deck

ISTE 2017: Create Presentations Every Student Can Interact With Using Pear Deck

PearDeck-top Wow! Your Presentations Can Do That With Pear Deck

Teachers want to make sure that every student can see their presentations and interact with them, without distractions and as easily as possible. Pear Deck is a tool that enables teachers to do just that.

With Pear Deck, teachers can easily transform their presentations into interactive lessons that can then be shared via Google with every student in the classroom in real time. This allows students to see the content and material of the teachers presentation. Not only that, but it also allows every student to participate on their own device.

Students don’t have to raise their hands to participate in the lesson, everything is right on their screen. Teachers control the way the material is presented and how fast it moves. Now, teachers can be sure that every student has grasped each part of the lesson before moving on.

Pear Deck also includes a suite of tools for the teacher to add interactive questions, extra art, interactive animations and more, right within the system.

For example in the lesson below, students will drag a dot onto the screen where the most pears are grown in the USA. As you can see in the left pane, the teacher can see where each student has placed their dot. Teachers can than prompt students for the correct answer or reteach the material until all the students get it right.

Peardeck-2 Wow! Your Presentations Can Do That With Pear Deck

Teachers can also decide which parts of the lesson or presentation are shown on the smart board or class projector. There’s also a question component within Pear Deck so students can ask questions about the material or teachers can ask questions to the students to see how well they grasped it.

After the lessons are completed all of the student’s material is saved in their own individual Google Docs account. This means that teachers can go back and work with students 1:1 with the material. Students can also share the material with their parents showing their responses, the lesson questions and the correct answers if they got them incorrect.

Pear Deck was created in the Silicon Prairie by Anthony Showalter, Dan Sweeney and Michal Eynon-Lynch, educators on a mission to improve teachers’ lives by making rich, active teaching easy.

You can check Pear Deck out in person at ISTE 2017, June 25th-28th in San Antonio, Booth #2353 or online at