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Would You Bunk With A Stranger, Baltimore Startup, RoomShare Is Banking On It

roomshare-top Would You Bunk With A Stranger, Baltimore Startup, RoomShare Is Banking On ItRoomShare Hopes Travelers Will Bunk With Complete Strangers

Baltimore Startup, RoomShare, is the latest entry into the world of the sharing economy. It’s also the latest startup that hopes to put travelers who are complete strangers into the same hotel room.

Some may think this is pretty creepy. Heck I can’t stand the thought of booking an Air B&B that isn’t completely vacant. But there are those that will definitely use RoomShare for the cost savings alone.

With RoomShare, a traveler who has booked a hotel room can basically sublet the second bed in the hotel room. They would be earning some of their investment in the hotel room back if they do so.  RoomShare takes a $2.50 fee from the second guest.

The opportunity could be quite lucrative for RoomShare and it’s user base during conferences, conventions, concerts and sporting events where rooms quickly sell out.

There are some clear benefits to RoomShare as well. For starters, some folks don’t like the roulette game you play with AirBnB as far as amenities are concerned. Even though you’ll be sharing your room with a complete stranger, you’ll know the hotel brand and have a general idea of what to expect.

The drawbacks of course, and it’s a big one, is that you’re committing to spend the night with a complete stranger. You’re not going to know if they snore, wake up to early, sleep in the nude or don’t bathe on a regular basis. Perhaps you could make a new friend though.

Technically Baltimore reports that serial entrepreneur, Kash Rehman created RoomShare to help people find rooms in cities where they are otherwise sold out. He and his team of Indian developers have made the platform extremely easy for travelers to use.

“It literally takes three clicks for a host to create a listing on Roomshare,” he said. “We do not ask them to upload [hotel room] pictures or tell us what amenities are in the room…We even let them choose what room they’re staying in. Once they choose the hotel and room, we autopopulate everything for them,” he said.

Winston Club was the first startup to offer hotel room sharing. Safety is a top concern of theirs. They require a 5 point verification for their members. You must be a member of Club Winston in order to partake in room sharing on their platform.

RoomShare outlines best practices for hosts and guests. They also require that you not be convicted of a felony or violent crime and that you aren’t required to be on any sex offender registry as part of their terms of service.

The biggest benefit to either service is the savings you’ll get on the more desirable hotels. You can make friends and business travel could be less lonely.

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