Finally A Networking App The Gets It Get Switchit

Maryland Startup Embraces The Business Card

SwitchIt-top Finally A Networking App The Gets It Get SwitchitNetworking events can be painstaking. Step into any old networking event and you’ll find several people in little cliques and the newbies fumbling around trying to force their business card upon you. Head to a trade show or a convention and you’re really in trouble.

The problem with networking events, conventions and business cards

Before the days of business card apps, Vcards and now SwitchIt I would go to a networking event or a convention I would separate my cards in one pocket with everyone else’s in another. Low and behold after twenty five minutes I was passing out other people’s cards. Then there’s the fact that everyone wants a cutsie card cut into a pattern, made of metal, or microscopic in size.

2010 brought on the onslaught of business card alternatives. Even the fine folks at Evernote created a business card app. Most of the earliest business card apps had you take a picture of the business card with your phone’s camera. From there, the app would extract the pertinent information and try and put it into the right fields.

A new app, released last month from Fuzzyatom Labs in Southern Maryland, has innovated the business card experience. Their app, called Switchit does away with the picture taking and allows the user to basically just zap the information to another user. Now, you can do the exact same thing with Vcard or contact sharing, but there’s three extra steps in that process. Using the share contact feature or Vcard, typically ends in you fumbling with your phone and your prospect, be it business or personal, quickly loses interest.

With SwitchIt you have profiles set up for yourself. You can have your business profile, a family based profile, a personal profile and a dating profile. So if you’re at say, CES 2017 and you want to share your contact info with a vendor, voila. However, if you met a hot young lady or man that you want to grab a drink with later in the evening, you can use your personal profile.

The best part about Switchit is the other person receiving the info doesn’t even have to have Switchit. The ethos of Switchit isn’t the connection, but connecting again.

“At the heart of everything we do at Switchit is that we believe the best interactions between people are the ones that happen again,” CEO Daafram Campbell told in an interview.

So I’ve been using Switchit for a week or so. It’s a free download in the iTunes store. The only thing I hope the day is integrate with some kind of CRM system. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to quickly set up a meeting, an email date or a date date.

Check them out here and download it here.