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Create, Perform And Learn Music On Any Device With Noteflight [ISTE 2017]

ISTE-Preview-topper Create, Perform And Learn Music On Any Device With Noteflight [ISTE 2017]ISTE 2017: Noteflight Helps Students Create, Perform And Learn Music On Any Device

noteflight-ss Create, Perform And Learn Music On Any Device With Noteflight [ISTE 2017]

Music is an important part of a students education. Not only are they learning an amazing art, but they are learning confidence, determination, practice, overcoming fears, performance, public speaking and much more.

At it’s core, Noteflight is a digital music notation platform. They’ve helped nearly 3,000,000 musicians and aspiring musicians create and score beautiful pieces across all genres. From about ages 5-99, Noteflight users are able to create, view, print, share, and listen to professional quality music notation on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Noteflight learn is their education product for classrooms across the globe. With Noteflight learn, every user in the class can create unlimited scores, and listen with over 85 high quality instruments. Students can record live audio intro scores and transcribe scores using any midi device. Teachers and students also have access to other recording, performance and creation tools.

Music education is an invaluable part of education.  Outside of the digital tools to create, perform and share music, Noteflight includes other educational components as well. Using Noteflight learn, teachers and students get access to content libraries from the likes of the famous Hal Leonard and other amazing publishers.

Teachers and students have access to “…hundreds of digital scores of the most popular repertoire for Band, Choir, Orchestra, Piano, and Guitar. These digital scores can be used and adapted for play along, recorded assessments, score study, composition assignments, and more!” the company says.

Like many traditional digital learning systems, Noteflight Learn also incorporates the tools for teachers to provide important feedback to students. A student can access their Noteflight account at home and perform their piece in the privacy of their bedroom. The teacher can listen to it anywhere they want, virtually insuring a nervous free performance. After listening to the student’s piece, the teacher can go back in and annotate or provide feedback.

noteflight-logo Create, Perform And Learn Music On Any Device With Noteflight [ISTE 2017]Noteflight Learn has these valuable features:

Noteflight Premium accounts for every user, accessible on any device

A private community for secure communication and collaboration

Unlimited groups for organizing classes and ensembles

Activity templates for assignments

Perform mode for listening to and performing along with selected parts of a score

Discussion and assignment forums for communication and assessment

Record live audio into scores

Optional Content libraries for Band, Choir, Orchestra, Piano, and Guitar

The entire experience is priced better than competitive, giving more access to more students to use Noteflight as a valuable music education tool.

You can test drive Noteflight Learn at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio from June 25-28th, booth #2756 or online at