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Libring: Customer Intelligence for eCommerce


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What is Libring?

Libring provides customer intelligence for e-commerce companies to personalize the customer journey. Our Saas technology predicts customer intent, determines and measures the drivers of customer lifetime value and provides smart recommendations to increase revenue, identify churn before it happens and close the marketing loop.

Why did you build Libring? What problem are you taking on?

Customer data is created throughout the entire customer journey from acquisition to churn. The problem is that all of this data is siloed within the growing number of tools being used by companies. Customer lifetime value is the only true measurement of customer satisfaction, with every touch-point weighing in on this experience. Libring breaks the silos to create a single customer view to measure and predict success.

How is Libring different from what is currently available?

Libring predicts customer lifetime value, in real-time, for each individual customer using behavior, transactions, and attributes. This provides transparency into what the value drivers are for each customer and how to personalize the customer journey for the best possible experience.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

Libring was started as a consulting company, working with companies like Office Depot and Hon to identify their most valuable customers based on future spend, not historical purchases. We wanted to provide this same type of intelligence so companies could understand their customers to provide a more customer-centric experience. Our goal back then was the same as it is today, help companies increase customer lifetime value by taking a proactive, forward looking approach, using every available data point.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

We’re a team of MIT trained data scientists and battle tested marketers with decades of experience helping companies move the needle. Our CEO and Founder has had successful exits with both of his prior startups in the telecommunications space were his team was responsible for over 500 million daily data point transaction, all handled on proprietary technology he designed and help build.