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All New Teachers Should Meet Alex

Boston Startup Anyone’s Learning Experience Is Expedia For Professional Learning

Anyone’s Learning Experience is a new kind of startup that links professionals looking for higher ed courses to take, with programs that have open seats.

Like most businesses, when it comes to higher and continuing education courses, the inventory is open seats.  If open seats go unused then they have zero value. Anyone’s Learning Experience, or ALEX for short, helps fill those seats.  Universities monetize empty seats, that would otherwise go wasted. Employees gain access to affordable and relevant training to accelerate their careers.

ALEX1 All New Teachers Should Meet Alex

Every day around 2 million seats go unfilled in college classrooms across the US. That’s about $3 billion dollars in lost tuition dollars annually. In the US nearly 90 colleges a year shut down because of funding. The benefit to the university is clear, fill the seats, increase the revenue. ALEX is the platform to do that.

Learners can control their education by selecting courses that fit with their budget, schedule, and goals. Schools can monetize their excess capacity that would have otherwise been wasted and increase access to more prospective students.” The company said on

The sharing economy works for cars by utilizing unused seats. In some cases there are startups that actually monetize unused cars. Parking spaces in people’s front yards can be utilized through the sharing economy, as can that spare bedroom. Naturally, these unused seats in college classes can be utilized as well.

Educators can offer microcourses to those taking their class through the ALEX platform.  This great platform is a win win for the university and for the learner.

Employers can even utilize ALEX to offer incentivized learning to employees that want to continue their education.

The team from Anyone’s Learning Experience hit the streets of Austin Texas for South By Southwest EDU wearing green shirts that said “Who’s Alex”.  We asked and found out.

You can find out more but checking ALEX out here. 

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