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Writing Reinvented With TheRightMargin

TheRightMargin Will Help Eliminate Writer’s Block

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How long has it been since we’ve seen a new, I mean really knew writing app? Perhaps if you’re in your 30’s you knew Word, and Wordperfect. Of course now there’s Google Docs but outside of the cloud, did it blow you away as a serious tool for writing?

Shivani Bhargava, a Wellesley alum, and product manager decided she had, had enough with the dismal offerings when it comes to writing and word processing. Word hasn’t evolved in over 30 years. With all these features available on every other app, how come there hasn’t been real change in writing apps.

That’s why she gathered up her own band of product misfits, with a love for technology and writing and created TheRightMargin.

Are you doubting this hunger for a new writing app? Well they launched their Indiegogo page this morning for $35,000 and got to 50% just after lunch, on the first day. Obviously the world is hungry for an alternative to the writing experience.

On more than one occasion I’ve found myself opening up WordPress to belt out a paper I needed to write. Using Save Draft and printing or saving rather than publishing. A lot of the easy to use tools found in WordPress are in familiar areas in TheRightMargin.

It’s great for blogs, papers, books, articles, short stories, essays or whatever other writing you would love to do.

TheRightMargin uses a goal oriented approach. In other words, you tell it where you’re going and it helps you get there. They promise to help curb writers block.”TheRightMargin will solve writer’s block forever.” the company says on it’s Indiegogo page.

When creating TheRightMargin they also merged planning tools with writing tools for an all in one writing workspace. It gives you a space for notes in the margin and allows you to work on multiple writing projects at one time.

“The team of writers behind TheRightMargin knows where people struggle in getting a writing project down.My team and I are all writers who are passionate about what we do. We’re tackling the momentum and morale blockers that stop someone from following through with their writing projects: 1. Not knowing your next step 2. Poor organization and habits
3. Low motivation/morale” Bhargava told us in an interview.

TheRightMargin team isn’t going at it alone either. They currently run the largest Slack community for writers. They’ve talked to these writers to understand exactly what they need.

“Started this for myself initially. For my own organizational needs and desires. I thought it was silly that for the last 40 years, innovation in writing was that we moved from typewriters and writing by hand to writing with a keyboard on a 2 dimensional screen. That was where the ‘smart’ aspect of TheRightMargin’s unique solution came from. I wanted to use ‘tagging’, ‘smart keyword recognition’, NLP, powerful project organization to create an all-in-one, technologically superior writing space. Maybe even VR/AR tech to make writing 3-D! However, it was after a year of talking to writers, prototyping different things, even having a beta that I realized how important goals and guidance were for the UX Design and the tool’s positioning. The difference between very successful writers today and struggling writers is very mental. Most successful writers write their goals down, break their plan apart into doable parts, and understand how to make something large and undefinable into a series of small, achievable steps.” Bhargava said.

If you’re serious about writing hop on over to their Indiegogo page or  you can try it out today, here.


Shivani can tell you all about it here: