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Schools Need RUG-ED Protection For Their iPads [ISTE 2017]

ISTE-Preview-topper Schools Need RUG-ED Protection For Their iPads [ISTE 2017]Michigan Company RUG-ED Has Your iPads Covered

rug-ed-top Schools Need RUG-ED Protection For Their iPads [ISTE 2017]

When you walk through the halls of any major edtech conference you’ll find a handful of bumper cases, cushion cases and hard cases to protect the iPads in the classroom. But what happens when the iPads actually break in the case? Don’t say it happens, because it does.

RUG-ED, a company based in Troy Michigan is a school and district favorite because they cover both sides of the equation.

On or side, RUG-ED provides an almost indestructible iPad case.  Their ProLock case fits the iPad snug inside. It features bumpered corners for impact, a solid casing for the back and a tempered glass screen cover for added protection. It also locks the iPad in place so that it can’t be stolen from the school, and if it is, the culprit won’t be able to get it out. They’ve also made sure that all the ports are easily accessible for charging and peripherals.  Finally, RUG-ED has added a handle for presentations and to make the iPad easy to carry and less likely to get dropped.

Then, if the iPad does actually break, RUG-ED offers a repair service and protection plan. Their plans cover everything except liquid damage.

RUG-ED provides the insurance themselves so there’s no waiting on the hassles of third party insurance. If a student breaks their covered iPad they simply take it to a RUG-ED partner service center. When the iPad is repaired it’s shipped right back to the school and the parent sees no bill. Using third party insurance can take weeks if not months to return the iPad to the school and sometimes at a cost.

“The addition of our Rug-Ed cases to our large scale deployment of iPads has resulted in an increased confidence that our investment will be protected for years to come.” A customer said on their website. 

You can find out more about RUG-ED at ISTE 2017 and online at

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