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Haystaq: Save everything in one place

The amount of things we collect from the internet every day is mind-boggling. From Facebook likes, to Twitter favorites, to bookmarks, to emailed links, to Pocket adds, there are an infinite number of little bits of content floating around. If you are anything like me, it can be hard to remember where you saved specific things. Did you send that link to Pocket, or save it on Reddit? Well, while we were at TechCrunch Disrupt NY, we had the chance to speak with a startup that is making it incredibly easy to keep up with all of this content: Haystaq.

Haystaq-Image Haystaq: Save everything in one place

Benjamin Bach, the Founder of Haystaq – whom we spoke to below – outlines the problem on the company’s website:

I created Haystaq because I grew frustrated by losing Favorites in the endless Twitter stream and forgetting where I had bookmarked, Liked, Hearted or saved something. I was increasingly wasting time checking services to be sure I didn’t miss anything and trying to see my data in useful ways.1

Haystaq is unlike any similar service. Rather than collecting and/or indexing links, Haystaq actually archives all content: “Once you connect a service to Haystaq, your information is archived. It doesn’t matter if the original author closes their account, or if you leave a service. Once in Haystaq, the information you selected is available to you.”2 The service is not yet available, but there is a sign up for the beta on haystaq.com. We had a chance to speak with the founder of the service: