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Your Child’s Proudest Moments Are Now In One Place With kudoswall

New Hampshire Startup kudoswall Keeps All Of Your Child’s Proudest Moments In One Place

kudoswall-top Your Child's Proudest Moments Are Now In One Place With kudoswall

There’s a startup brewing in Nashua New Hampshire that makes it simple for parents and families to keep all of their children’s most precious moments in one place. You may want to pay attention to this one because the brothers that started McDonalds are from the same town.

Families everywhere can have their mantles back. Parents can stop worrying about the refrigerator rotation. kudoswall is making it simple for parents and children to share and store their most precious moments online. Did Billy get straight A’s? Did Mary get an A on her social studies project? Did Kevin get his black belt in Karate? Was Sue the MVP in softball? All those precious moments of their childhood can now be preserved, at least online with kudoswall.

kudoswall is an online portfolio of sorts for the “good stuff”, it’s a perfect place to keep an online portfolio for when parents plan to send their babies to college. They can even use it as a resume of sorts, showing off the things they did in school.

“We make it easy for kids to keep their accomplishments online for reflection, to share, and to use to apply to schools/jobs/etc. We also have KudosWall Pro which is a resume builder for first-time resume builders (recent high school or college graduates).” they told in an interview.

kudoswall was created when founder Jag Vootkur and his son Nikhil wanted to make sure all of Nikhil’s accomplishments weren’t through in the attic. They wanted to create one place to consolidate all of Nikhil’s memories.

There isn’t anything exactly like kudoswall right now. Many parents resort to Facebook to spread the news about a son or daughter’s accomplishment but then that status is gone in the hodge podge of Facebook posts until the next year when it shows up in “on this day”. Online education portfolios are geared towards school. kudoswasll users can put any kind of accomplishment on their wall. Now, when grandma comes down for a visit, parents everywhere can go straight to their child’s kudoswall and show them off to the world.  kudoswall even has an app so mom and dad can brag about their kids on the go.

While Nikhil was the inspiration from kudoswall, the entire project is a kudo for the now 14 year old, who serves as the company’s designer.

kudoswall is free for parents and students. You can check it out now at