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New Jersey Startup Tactonics Bringing Messages To New Places

There are new forms of communication coming out all the time. First there was instant messages, then text messaging, then Twitter, now there is Snapchat and Yo. What’s next. Well one startup, Tactonics, has a pretty unique idea. Tactonics is working on a new concept: Sensory Messaging. We had a chance to ask the Tactonics team a few questions about their new form of communication:


What does your company do?

Tactonics, LLC will offer a new dimension in digital communication…Sensory Messaging.

Who is your target user?

Mobile-savvy users, with multiple Social Network accounts. Sensory Messaging users already use email and texting, but they are looking for more and different ways to connect with their network of friends.

Why did you build your product? What problem does it solve?

Imagine this scenario: For Valentine’s Day, a young man gives his girlfriend a beautiful, heart-shaped pendant necklace, equipped with a Tactonics Sensory Messaging Insert, or TactPuck. She loves it and she loves him. As they go about their lives, he often wants his love to know that he’s thinking about her. He pulls out his cellphone, opens the TactSpace app and sends her a message. But she doesn’t get it on her phone. Instead, that pendant necklace begins pulsing in a heartbeat sensation. She feels it against her skin, instantly and discreetly. She senses that he loves her. It’s more personal than other forms of communication. It’s more human. It’s tactile.

This is just one example. The stimuli are endless—pulsing, vibrating, illuminating, heating up or cooling down, to name a few. Also, endless are the products that could hold an embedded TactPuck—necklaces, watches, clothing, photo frames, teddy bears and so much more. In the same way that we communicate nonverbally each day through facial expressions and gestures, a sensory message between two people can communicate an infinite number of messages based on intimate relationships and understanding.

What makes your product different from what is already available?

Tactonics, LLC is the first company to offer the world a revolutionary form of discrete, personal digital communication called Sensory Messaging or “Tacting.” Sensory Messaging operates on existing cellular network infrastructure and provides mobile phone users the option of voice-less, as well as text-less, communication. Imagine receiving a message from another cellular user that does not have to be read, heard or even seen.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

eMail, Instant Messaging, Texting, Voice Text, SnapChat… “Sensory Messaging” was the Founder’s answer to the simple question, “What’s next?”

Tell us about the founders and their backgrounds.

While the Founder is an engineer with a background in commercial building product design and environmental sustainability, he has been blessed with the ability to relate to customers, cast a vision for partners, and successfully launch and refine innovative products. If you are ready to experience Sensory Messaging for yourself, you won’t have to wait long. Tactonics is ready to revolutionize communication.

Edward D. Bugg, Jr. PE, LEED AP
Tactonics, LLC

What’s next? What do your short-term goals look like?

2014 Goals:

1. 1st Round Funding
2. TACTspace (app) and TACTpuck (wearable) working prototypes.
3. 2nd Round Funding
4. Beta Testing Focus Groups